They Thought This Dog Was Untrainable–Until They Learned To Speak His Language

Dogs are smart, we all know that. But sometimes, a dog just needs someone to take the time to understand them better. This is especially true when it comes to those dogs living the lonely shelter life.

Meet Caleb: a beautiful GSD that just needed someone to better speak his language.

When Caleb first arrived at the Dogs Trust shelter in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, manager Sandra Foulds–along with other shelter staff–soon realized the issue:

“When Caleb first arrived, we thought that his lack of response to training commands was due to a change in his environment and him adjusting to life in kennels.

With a little research, the centre put two and two together when they reviewed his paperwork to see that Caleb had been surrendered by a Polish speaking couple, three months earlier.

“But once we figured out it was the language barrier holding him back, there’s no stopping him when he’s being spoken to in Polish and he’s really keen to show off his tricks.”

It’s clear to see just how smart this sweet boy is, and it’s their hope at the shelter that Caleb can someday soon find a home with a family of Polish speakers where he’ll feel right at ease.

“Caleb is an adorable boy and loves toys. He enjoys the company of people and will happily play with you if you have a ball.

“Like all our dogs when they become ready to find new families, we want Caleb to go to a loving home – although in this case, it would be a bonus if they can speak Polish.”

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