Three Dogs and Their Homeless Owner Hope for a Better Day

Living on the streets is never easy, and living on the streets while caring for pets that depend on you is a lot more difficult to do. Lorenzo, a homeless man from Los Angeles, Calif., became homeless 43 years ago, and in the past few years he has rescued three dogs. The three dogs might not know what it feels like to live in a home, but they sure know what being loved is.


Jasmin Dustin, Founder of Cause 4 Paws met Lorenzo in the Van Nuys California area. She says she had seen him in the past and had often given him food and water, but it wasn’t until recently that she got to know him and his true story.

The homeless man had been previously married but became a widow when his wife lost her battle with cancer. Soon after he lost his house and everything  he owned and became homeless.


“He’s been homeless for 43 years,” said Dustin. “He’s rescued two large dogs and one little Chihuahua, and he builds tepees anywhere he can find space for him and his dogs.”

Lorenzo told Dustin it breaks his heart to see his dogs living on the streets. They’re always tied to the cart as he is scared the pets will run into traffic.

Cause 4 Paws has helped other homeless men with dogs in the past (read about Alfredo and Lucky, Albert and Bliss, and Charles and Big) and the organization wants to help Lorenzo and his pets. They hope to raise funds to get the family of four off the streets and into a camper.



“They walk every morning and every afternoon to the Mobile station so that Lorenzo can get his coffee,” said Dustin. “The pavement is dangerously hot for the poor dogs. They need shelter and a place to run. Its not fair for an elderly man and the dogs to be in this hot heat.”

If enough funds are raised, the organization can help Lorenzo and the three dogs get a camper they can call home. Their days walking the city under the hot sun would be over and not only will the pets have permanent place to rest, but they would be able to run free and off leash.

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