Three Dogs And Nine Puppies Are Rescued In The Desert…How They React Will Amaze You

We’re always amazed at the dedication shown by animal rescuers, dog and cat lovers who make it their priority to help find and rehabilitate the abandoned, desperate animals that live quietly, hopelessly around us. Hope For Paws is a highly active animal rescue organization filled with volunteers who do just that: they hear about animals in need of assistance, and they do whatever it takes to make sure they get it.

In this case, the volunteers received a call about a large family of dogs (including several puppies) who were barely surviving day-to-day in the desert. The volunteers coordinated the rescue, and headed toward the dogs. Two of the dogs, Delaney and Nelly, enthusiastically ran toward volunteers, obviously very happy and relieved to see a kind face.

The third dog, Dharma, took a bit of coaxing, but a few treats later the rescuers had gained her trust too. A neighbor, barely surviving himself, had heard the puppies crying under a shack (where they were born) earlier in the day, and crawled underneath to save all 9 of them.

Watch the incredible footage here to see the whole rescue, and to see how the dogs are doing now!

Pretty amazing right? It’s inspiring what a little kindness and a lot of teamwork can do. We’re so glad those dogs finally got to run and jump and play and snuggle, not a care in the world. They deserve nothing less. To find out more about adopting these and other dogs, click here.

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