Three-Legged Dog on the Road to Recovery

A dog that was left to fend for herself on the street is on the slow road to the recovery with the help of New York-based Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. The dog, renamed Lilac, was found struggling to survive with a broken jaw, and ended up having to get one of her limbs amputated. Lilac was originally discovered by a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia, hiding under a car with various injuries due to multiple dog attacks. Further veterinary inspection revealed that as well as a severely damaged leg and broken jaw, Lilac also had abdominal trauma due to a bullet lodged inside of her. Lilac’s case was originally shared on social media by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on May 31, and updates about her condition following surgery were shared on June 5. The rescue shared a video of Lilac walking on her three legs, with a wag in her tail, and seemingly on the road to a full recovery. Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC via Storyful

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