Three-legged Luna the Belgian Malinois abandoned after heart-breaking surgery

Luna’s injury meant she needed to have one of her legs amputated – and her owners walked away!

After Luna badly injured her leg, vets soon realized they had only one choice – to amputate the limb.

As you can imagine, this was an agonizing decision but, with plenty of life left in the year-old Belgian Malinois, they knew that love and support would see her through.

Unfortunately, Luna’s owners had a different idea. Rather than see her with three legs, they told the vet they wanted the pooch to be euthanized.

Thankfully, the vet refused to carry out their wishes yet, when the owners discovered what would happen, they decided to simply walk away and abandon their beautiful pet.

Step forward, then, the kind-hearted souls at Howl of A Dog (opens in new tab) rescue who took Luna under their wing with a view to finding her a caring, responsible adoptive family.

“Her disability did not break her beautiful spirit,” they wrote in a post on their website (opens in new tab). “She is full of life and joy, cuddly and playful and does what dogs know best: fully live in the present moment.”

The shelter is based in Romania and staff have created a video which they have posted on YouTube, showing Luna at her energetic best.

They reveal her previous owners had bought Luna as a puppy and housed her in a kennel in the backyard of their home.

The video also shows her bouncing around, although her energy wears out quickly due to extra effort needed to compensate for the extra leg, the rescue adds.

Sadly, Luna is still looking for a new family but her plight has led to lots of support. One commenter repeated a heartbreaking line in the video: “She lost her leg, but she grew wings.”

The commenter then adds: “This baby girl is flying high and smiling. We should all follow her example.” Another said: “Who would abandon such a sweet dog?”

Given how strongly the highly-intelligent Belgian Malinois breed bonds with one person makes this story even more heart-breaking. The breed tends to flourish with experienced owners who can handle them confidently.

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