Time-Lapse Video Shows Adorable Kitten Growing Up With Golden Retriever

It’s so adorable when kittens become best friends with a dog. Dogs and cats are said to be mortal enemies. But if they are raised and socialized properly, and especially if they are grow up together, they can become the best of friends.

Take for example this Ginger kitty and this Golden Retriever named Koda and Keelo. Koda is a rescued kitten who grew up with the family’s Golden Retriever, Keelo. When they first met, Koda was only a month old, and they became instant friends. Keelo became little Koda’s protector. And after 8 months, they’re still as close as ever. Watch the video below and see Koda grow up with her best friend Keelo!

Awwww…they have such a beautiful and amazing bond! I love how Keelo is so gentle and friendly with the little kitty!

Do you have a dog who is best friends with a cat? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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