Times Animals Experienced Snow For The First Time, And Their Faces Say It All

That rush you get first thing in the morning, when you pull back the curtains to see a blanket of beautiful white covering everything after the first snow, is something you never really grow out of.

Take that feeling and magnify it by about 1000, then you might be close to the excitement of some of the puppies on this list. The Cats? Well, not so much. The results are a little more mixed here, from some mild amusement to outright terror and disgust!

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a hilarious list of animals experiencing snow for the very first time, and the looks on their faces say it all! Scroll down to check out the frozen furballs for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!
This Baby Polar Bear Saw Snow For The First Time

This Persian Cat Discovers Snow For The First Time

Kiora’s First Snow Day

First Snow For This Sweet Little Girl

Perfectly Timed Shot For Bruno’s First Snowball. He Loves Ice Cubes So This Was Heaven

Jonesy’s First Snow

Her First Swedish Winter Came As Quite The Surprise

Puppy Running Through The Snow

Flour Experienced Snow For The First Time Today. She Is Not Impressed

I Don’t Think He Likes That Whole Winter Idea

My Friend’s Cat Saw Snow For The First Time Today

Waffles First Snow Day

First Time In The Snow For My Lab Pup

Cat Experiences Snow For The First Time

His First Time In The Snow

First Time Seeing Snow.. I Think He Liked It

My Sister And Her Husband Recently Adopted, This Is His First Snow

Panda Cub’s First Snow Day

Hildegard’s First Snow Experience Is Going Well

Ophie’s First Time In The Snow

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