Tiny Animal Had Fallen Into An Air Conditioning Vent And Cried For 2 Days

A tiny kitten fell into an air conditioning vent on someone’s roof and cried for help for two days. A young girl named Eva contacted Hope For Paws on joined them for the rescue. Eldad and Loreta drove two hours and arrived at the location.

The got permission to remove the welded cover and looked down upon the scared face staring back. It would take a lot of work and coordination, but rescuers lowered the gentle snare down to grab the kitty while he was eating some food. He was very hungry from being trapped in there for so long.

Jiminy was placed in the air-conditioned car and transported back to the hospital. They showed him lots of love before jumping into giving him a bath. The kitten continued on to his foster with Let Them Be Little Feline Rescue, and he’s looking for a forever home. 🙂

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