Tiny Dog Miraculously Survives Being Run Over by a Car

Jamie Nguyen’s life was turned upside down when her little dog, Landon, was hit by a car and left for dead.  He survived, but has suffered numerous broken bones and nerve damage.  Now he’s on the road to recovery, but his owner desperately needs help.


Back in October, Landon was struck by a vehicle and now his pelvis is fractured in eight places, one of his legs are broken, his tailbone is injured, and his sciatic nerve is badly damaged.  He can hardly stand, let alone walk.


He is at the Eastern Carolina Veterinary Orthopedic ICU in Wilmington, South Carolina.  They refuse to perform surgery until a $1,000 payment is made.

“Landon’s openness to love exceeds any humans I’ve ever met, his zest for life and the simpler things has taught me more than any experience I’ve ever had, his unparalleled joyfulness brightens my soul, and the thought of losing him because I’m financially unable to pay for his surgery, hurts my heart beyond words. This is the most devastating feeling I’ve ever experienced and I hope no animal lover or owner has to ever feel as I am.”


“Feeling like you’re losing a certain constant in your life that you never quite realized held you up, hurts beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. To know your dog is in pain and suffering, but being unable to do anything to change it, tears me apart.”

If you would like to donate and help Landon finally get the surgery he really needs, please click here.


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