This Tiny Dog Woke Up From A Nightmare With The Help Of Two Animal Lovers

The unfortunate reality is that dogs get abandoned all the time, especially throughout major cities. Every dog lover’s heart probably breaks a little bit reading that, but it’s the sad truth. Luckily, there are groups and individuals whose main priority is finding these scared, lonely pups and helping them get the medical and emotional attention they need.

One of these moving situations involves a very cute, but clearly very terrified and traumatized, Lulu, a small dog who was discovered hiding in the bushes in West Hollywood, California. The tiny Lulu suffered from five fractures to her leg, pelvis and tail at the time that rescuers from Hope For Paws finally secured her and headed immediately to a vet.

After a lot of kindness, patience and medical treatment, Lulu slowly begins getting comfortable around her new human friends.

Watch the heartbreaking (but ultimately positive) transformation here:

This video is a few years old, so it’s hard to say for sure what ended up happening to sweet Lulu after her rescue. We hope she found a forever home and has been enjoying her life ever since! Anyone considering a adopting a dog, and you meet one that has a tough history, think of Lulu – remember that all it takes is some compassion and dedication for a reluctant dog to become an unconditional best friend!

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