Tiny Kitten Helps Golden Retriever Overcome His Separation Anxiety

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many people were forced to work from home. While it wasn’t a great situation, the work-from-home setup did benefit a lot of people, and pets were especially thrilled about the new setup of their owners.

However, some pets became so used to their owners being at home that they began to suffer separation anxiety when their owners made their way back to the office. It was a hard adjustment for a lot of people and their furbabies.

Some pets suffer from separation anxiety on a regular basis, despite any changes their owners went through. Take Horlicks the golden retriever, for example.

The sweet pup would be so upset when his owner left the house due to his separation anxiety. His owner knew he needed some help, so she decided to surprise the dog with a new friend.

On Horlicks’ 5th birthday, his owner welcomed home a tiny kitten. In a clip shared on Instagram, the owner explained that she got the British Shorthair kitten named Hero to act as an emotional support pet for her dog.

The owner’s hope was that Hero would comfort Horlicks and provide him a sense of security when they were left home alone. To her great relief, it worked!

It took a little time for tiny Hero to warm up to Horlicks, but once the cat realized the dog was safe, the two became fast friends. Now, they do just about everything together.

Every day, Hero and Horlicks go on walks together, play together, and nap together. They really have a special relationship and their owner was thrilled to report that Horlicks no longer gets anxious when left alone. That is, as long as Hero is around to offer some company.

Check out their story in the clip below:

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