Tiny Pup Couldn’t Walk But Wanted To Heal To Show All The Love In Her Heart

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to see a sad little puppy unable to walk no matter how hard she tried. It was clear the tiny girl was a fighter and had lots of love to give, she just needed to heal. They immediately took her back to the hospital to see why her leg was bothering her so much.

They promised the pup that her pain would go away, and they got to work. The anti-inflammatory and pain medicine made her feel better as workers examined her. There were no signs of a fracture, but the dog’s hip was sprained and causing lots of pain.

After just two days, she started taking steps on her own. She was so determined to get better so that she could show everyone all of the love she had in her heart, and here she is today. Meet Cuddles! 🙂

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