Tiny Pup Lay Unable To Move Near A Drain, But Today Her Hero Shows Up

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an injured puppy bleeding from her neck. She was found lying near a drain unable to stand, and she cried out in pain when the rescuer picked her up. But the little girl’s luck was about to change. 🙂

The tiny pup wouldn’t have survived much longer on her own, so it’s a good thing they were notified of the dog when they were. She was taken back to the hospital to receive medicine for her pain, but it was still painful for her to try to stand. They cleaned the deep wound on her neck and bandaged her up.

The brave little girl is quite the fighter, and thanks to Animal Aid and all of their donors, the sweet pup was put in a position where she was able to get better and better by the hour. Meet Connie today! 🙂

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