Tiny Puppy Gets Rescued After Calling Out For Help In The Street

In some countries, it’s common to see dogs living on the streets. Our hearts go out when we see their plight, but there are times when they need some special assistance.

That was the case with a young puppy named Yuki. As a new puppy, she needed that special assistance, and she was crying for it as she walked along the street in Lonavala, India.

According to her story shared by Strays of Panvel, the little dog just wanted to get noticed, so she was yelping as she walked along. It almost seemed as if she had a plan to get assistance, and it wasn’t long before help arrived.

Manasvi Pawase was nearby, and she heard the cries for help from the little puppy. When she opened her door, the three-week-old puppy was staring her in the face.

Not only was Yuki a little dog, but Pawase also described her as middle-sized. She was taken by her cuteness, and it wasn’t long before the little dog was cuddled in her sweater.

After being picked up, Yuki began to relax. She seemed very happy to find a human that would give her the love she needed.

Yuki went to the right area because Pawase had started an organization to raise funds for dogs to get sterilized and vaccinated when she was younger

Pawase now works to find animals a home where they can live, so she brought the little puppy in and allowed him to sleep in her home the entire day.

Before long, the little puppy had a foster mom, Melisa Rego. There was also another dog in the house, Bailey. The two seemed to play nicely together, and Yuki started to grow.

Before long, the dog was old enough to be adopted and found a forever home. It’s a story that warms our hearts, and you can see more in this video:

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