Tiny Puppy Left Tied To A Pole Outside Of A Drugstore To Fend For Himself

A seven-month-old puppy was tied to a pole outside of a drugstore and abandoned. He didn’t look very good, and not many people wanted to get close to him.

But finally, someone decided to help Dempsey.

Someone finally called animal control, and Dempsey was taken to Dekalb County Animal Services.

He suffered from severe mange and had an eye infection, but he showed nothing but love. The staff reached out to Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.

Stacey Greenwald, a volunteer at the organization, took Dempsey home. He was given medicated baths and antibiotics.

But Stacey knew the most important thing she could give Dempsey was love. And he was very accepting of it.

She saw a huge difference in Dempsey in just three weeks. And just two months after being abandoned outside of the store, he was basically a brand new dog.

He looks amazing! Dempsey headed out with his foster family who had every intention of keeping him forever. 🙂

For a dog who was so beaten-down mentally and physically, he made an amazingly fast recovery. A big thanks to everyone involved with his rescue! 🙂

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