Tiny Puppy Loses Her Leg But Not Her Fiery Spirit

The staff at Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Clearwater, Florida are used to seeing some difficult, heart-wrenching cases. Until recently, however, they hadn’t seen one with such a tiny puppy. They received a call from Passion for Pits, a rescue organization, about a 3-week-old Pit Bull puppy that needed to be rushed into surgery right away. She had a broken and severely infected leg and the only option left was to amputate. The veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Blue Pearl were very worried – at under 2 pounds, this little puppy was at a very high risk of dying while under anesthesia.

But this tiny girl amazed everyone when she pulled through with flying colors. Just one week later, she’s already starting to walk around on her three legs. Now called “Leena,” because she leans a little, she’s stolen the hearts of one veterinary technician in particular. Kourtney Glaser was in charge of Leena’s anesthesia during the operation and she tells ABC Action News, “All the stress she caused me caused me to fall in love with her.”

At just 4-weeks-old now and after losing one leg, Leena already has the perfect forever home. Glaser, the rest of the Blue Pearl staff or Passion for Pits are unsure whether Leena was abused or just neglected, but they urge owners to step forward and surrender their pets if they are unable to care for them. Glaser ensures that they are not there to shame anyone, they just want to help dogs in need. Leena is an inspiration at such a young age. “She’s the one who wanted to live. She chose to make it through,” Glaser said.

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