Tiny Rescued Pomeranian Serves as Seeing Eye Dog for His Blind Best Friend

They say man is dog’s best friend, but Hoshi and Zen prove that perhaps dogs were meant to care for each other. At age 11, Hoshi had both of his eyes removed due to glaucoma. The American Eskimo Dog was left completely blind, but it wasn’t long until he had a trusty pal looking out for him.

Zen, an adorably tiny Pomeranian with heartwarming eyes, was adopted by Hoshi’s humans six months before Hoshi’s eye surgery. The lovable pup was found on the streets of Spokane, Washington. Like Hoshi, he also had some medical issues that needed attention, including an enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, a narrowed trachea and rotting teeth. Pauline Perez, the duo’s mother, recalls that she was in love with Zen as soon as she saw him, but she never expected the role that he would play in Hoshi’s life. “I was a little worried how Hoshi would react when I brought Zen home from the shelter,” she told The Dodo, given Hoshi’s major surgery. “To my surprise, he didn’t bark at all. He kept smelling him, staying close to him. Now they are inseparable.”

As if Zen knows that Hoshi is blind and could use his assistance, he stands by his friend’s side as a personal seeing-eye dog. Perez explains that the two furry friends are “hiking buddies. We attach a leash together and Zen does the leading. Even if they’re on two separate leashes, Zen walks beside him.” Hiking is just one of the many adventures that “The Fluffy Duo” goes on together. Zen and Hoshi also go kayaking, swimming, running, camping, and of course they play and nap by each other’s sides. With companionship like this, there’s nothing Zen and Hoshi can’t do.

11-year old Hoshi has found a true friend in Zen, a rescued Pomeranian. The little dog acts as a seeing eye dog guide for his blind best friend.


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