Toddler Insists On Holding The Leash When Taking Her Deaf-Blind Dog For A Walk

Echo the Great Dane was born deaf and blind, and she was seen as an “unwanted burden” by her owner. The puppy was just 12 weeks old when she was given away to be put down, but her fate turned when she was spotted by a woman named Marion Dwyer. Marion immediately rescued Echo and took her to her home in Niagara Falls, New York.

Despite her disabilities, Echo blossomed into the sweetest and most affectionate dog. However, it was when Marion got pregnant that she saw a remarkable change in Echo’s behavior. Echo would always linger around Marion and insist on snuggling the baby bump as if she knew her “favorite human” was inside!

Once baby Jennie was born, Echo has been nothing less than a doting big sister to her. She religiously watches over her tiny human and never leaves her alone even for a second. The pair eat, play, and nap together, and have also started going out on walks together! Marion thinks Jennie and Echo “talk” using their own secret language – something that transcends any human form of communication!

In this video, we are bowled over to see 17-month-old Jennie’s solid bond with her doggie sister. The toddler looks super comfortable as she confidently takes Echo out for strolls around the neighborhood, while the large pooch proudly shields Jennie from all harm! This beautiful story certainly proves that disabled dogs have so much love for their humans, and they deserve a fair chance at life!

Click the video below to watch the deaf-blind Echo’s pure and loving relationship with little Jennie.

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