Toddler Is Determined To See That His Dogs Get Fed

Good little tyke, so helpful too! Here he is helping mommy feed the dogs. Look at him climb up the dogs’ food bin just to get food and feed them. Why, there is no stopping this energetic toddler!

With all that he’s doing, this cutie pie thinks he deserves the same treat that he gives them so he decided to taste one but oh my, I guess Liver doesn’t taste that great does it, young man? Oh no matter, the point is, his dogs love their food so off he goes to the bin again and dunks half his body in it in order to get more food for his doggies!

What a good boy! His mommy is sure proud of him and I would be too, if I had a little helper like this cute and lovable baby boy! Share this with other dog lovers and let’s see how many of them have toddlers as helpful as this one!

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