They Told Him Not To Introduce His Pit Bull To This Kitten. But Watch What Happens!

Cats and dogs are known to be mortal enemies. But they don’t have to be. We’ve seen plenty of dogs and cats who get along so well. We’ve even seen them save each other’s lives. And with that, we know that cats and dogs can actually love each other.

Now this kindhearted guy just found an abandoned baby kitten. He brought her home and decided to raise the kitty by himself. Now this guy already has a full-grown dog, a Pit Bull mix named Molly. To prove to everyone that Pit Bulls are actually the sweetest dogs in the world, he took a video of Molly meeting the kitten for the first time.

You’re gonna love how this sweet Pit Bull mix reacts when she first sees the kitty! Watch the adorable video below!

Wasn’t that just sweet? At first Molly was curious and excited. You can see that her tail kept wagging and wagging! And later on, Molly’s maternal instincts took over as she showers the kitten with kisses! It’s just so cute and so sweet!

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