Too odd looking to be adopted? Sweet Huckleberry needs a home

Some may say Huckleberry is “odd” looking, but most would just call him adorable. The unique looking cat is looking for a home in north Texas and by all accounts, he is a sweetheart.

Huckleberry’s uncommonly good looks are generating a great deal of attention – earlier this week, the North Texas Cat Rescue turned to social media to help find Huckleberry a home. The rescue group wrote:

Huckleberry may look odd, but he’s the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet! His rough exterior is just that because inside he’s a big love. All you have to do is say his name, he’ll meow and start purring and making biscuits.

Medical issues addressed

Huckleberry has had eye surgery (to fix a painful “eyelash” condition) and dental surgery – but now he’s good to go! This expert biscuit maker needs to find someone to share his love with – is it you?

His rescuers shared a bit more information about this love bug:

He is extremely grateful for his food and fresh water! He had a benign cyst on his thumb which was removed, but it doesn’t slow down his expert biscuit-making skills! He adores toys and catnip. I’m not sure he ever had toys or the luxury to feel safe enough to play with toys, but he does now. He acts like a big kitten when playing with them.


He has excellent litterbox manners and does really well with the large, covered litterbox in his foster home. He is fine with the cats in his foster home, but would be happiest either as the only cat or submissive cat – so he gets all the attention.

The response

As it turns out, Huckleberry is probably NOT too odd to find a home. The rescue has been inundated with inquiries about this sweet boy. On Thursday, the group wrote:

UPDATE 10/25/18: The response on Huckleberry is amazing to us at NTCR. Thank you for all the love and interest in him! We sincerly apologize that we are not able to answer every question posed. We’re an all-volunteer rescue. So, to help with some of the recurring questions:

* Huckleberry is estimated to be 5-6 years old.
* He’s approximately 13 pounds (almost 6 kg for those outside the US). 🙂
* Huckleberry is not available for adoption outside the State of Texas, but PLEASE check your local shelters and rescue groups. There are so many cats and kittens (and dogs) in need of loving forever homes 

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.</a

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