Too scared to move, frightened dog bypassed by adopters as he hides in kennel

For some dogs, an animal shelter is quite simply too overwhelming. Such is the case for a frightened dog named JJ who is terrified at the Pasadena Animal Shelter in Texas. On Thursday morning, the Friends of the Pasadena Animal Shelter issued a plea on JJ’s behalf, describing just how scared this poor boy is:

JJ is in the last kennel far in the corner of the shelter. He’s so scared he stays curled up in the corner of that kennel. You miss him if you don’t go all the way back to look for him. JJ has been missed for 2 weeks now, let’s not let that be one more day.


This sweetheart is scared, he crawls through the shelter on the way out. We had to carry him back in and coax him in his kennel. I don’t blame him it’s loud in there. Lots of stresses and strangers. If you’ve ever considered fostering now is the time. JJ is the dog to save. Please help us find him a home.

Saving this frightened dog

JJ is not the type of dog who is going to be adopted without some help – he is too frightened and spends his time trying to hide. Please help him find a loving home or rescue group by sharing this article with his adoption information.

Ask for ID #A138186

Pasadena Animal Shelter
Burke Rd
Pasadena TX 77504
281-991-0602 dispatch
281-991-6981 fax (foster/adoption applications)

Video of JJ

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