He Took A Bullet For His Partner, Now He’s Headed Home to Recover

It’s only been a day since he took a bullet for his partner, but Casper, a K-9 for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is headed home to heal.

K9 Casper Returns Home

K9 Casper returns home after taking a bullet that was meant for his K9 handler.

Posted by PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, May 13, 2017

K-9 Officer Casper “has done wonderful[ly]” and “is walking fairly well, all things considered,” veterinarian Michele Tucker said in a video released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO).

Casper was shot Friday after deputies encountered a suspect who was wanted in connection with a robbery. Philip O’Shea, 46, had a long criminal history and tried to flee, CBS affiliate WPEC reported.

Deputies pursued O’Shea who crashed his vehicle, then began shooting at police. Fire was returned and O’Shea was killed in the exchange.

Casper was hit in his hind leg amid the firefight, catching the bullet meant for his partner

He had surgery Friday night and police said on Saturday that he was well enough to go home.

“Casper came into us … after suffering a gunshot wound in the left hip. He was stable when he arrived. Once we determined that the bullet had not harmed any internal organs, we proceeded to remove the bullet surgically,” said Tucker, a vet with the Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists.

Casper is trained for bomb detection and works as a SWAT and patrol dog. His service record includes stints protecting the president.

“He has recovered well from anesthesia. He’s on antibiotics,” Tucker continued. “We’re just happy that this is not a significant trauma and thankful that he’s done well and appreciative for all that he’s done for the county.”

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