When A Tornado Damaged This Shelter, Rescue Rebuild Saved The Day

One of the many wonderful charities iHeartDogs has paired with through our partnership with Greater Good is Rescue Rebuild, an animal shelter renovation program that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help shelters in need. They improve the lives of shelter animals and increase adoption rates by repairing and renovating dated, damaged and rundown facilities.

One shelter in particular needed Rescue Rebuild’s help when an EF5 tornado with winds over 200 mph struck Guthrie, Oklahoma. An entire building at the Guthrie Animal Shelter was tragically destroyed, cutting their intake capacity in half in one fell swoop.

Rescue Rebuild came to their aid, replacing the old building and much, much more. The volunteers built shade structures and play yards for the dogs, constructed four cat enclosures, installed 1,600 feet of fencing, built four new meet and greet areas and helped to control water run-off on the property.

The completed project got the shelter back in business and made a huge impact for the community that was still recovering from the devastating tornado.

Every time you purchase one of our adorable Grey Jade Stone or Red Rosewood Bracelets with the signature brick and paw pattern charm, you help us contribute to shelter rebuild success stories like these!

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