Tortured And Mutilated In Egypt, Annubis The Stray Dog Finds Loving Family In Texas

It’s hard to imagine someone punishing a dog for barking by cutting off its nose, but that’s what happened to Anubis, a handsome black and brown Egyptian Baladi stray.

With no muzzle, the courageous street dog was forced to live underneath cars and eat scraps of food as best he could. Maimed for life by an act of unspeakable cruelty, he was saved from the streets by a Cairo, Egypt animal rescue organization. When SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) found out about his plight, Anubis started his amazing journey to a happy home in the United States. Because his injuries were so severe, Anubis struggled to get nourishment. He had to lie on the ground and shovel food into his mouth. The mutilation and survival struggle caused him to lose teeth, and his remaining teeth were worn down to mere nubs. If that’s not bad enough, his tongue was constantly exposed to the elements.


Fortunately, the Animal Protection Foundation discovered him in time and contacted SNARR. The American rescue organization shared his story on social media, and many people wanted to help give the maimed dog a fresh start.


SNARR was seeking a good foster home for Anubis, and an El Paso, Texas family volunteered to be his foster family. Katiria Declet and Wes Reed, a married couple, immediately fell in love with the pooch after learning about him and confess to having a “soft spot” for dogs with disabilities. SNARR handled all of the arrangements to bring Anubis from Cairo to El Paso. The 7,000 mile journey involved volunteers assisting with transportation during the 25-leg trip, and included vet care stops in New York and Maryland. Anubis has become a canine celebrity with his own Facebook page. Human fans can follow along as he adjusts to his new life with his foster family in Texas. Periodic updates posted by the family reveal how well he’s doing. Declet and her family have first dibs on adopting this sweet dog, and it’s very likely he’s already found his forever home.


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