Touching Photo Captures Emotional Farewell Between a Man and His Best Friend

This photo shows Dakota’s dad tenderly cradling her as they share one of their final moments together.

Sara Robertson explains to DogHeirs that she took this photo of her husband, Adam, and their dog Dakota after learning they would have to say ‘goodbye’ her.

Sara writes:

“In the first week of March of this year my husband and I found out our dog Dakota had advanced cancer that had quickly spread into her lungs. We did all we could to try and ease her pain in the time we had left with her, however she deteriorated very rapidly and we were forced to say goodbye on March 15.

“I can truly say that was the most heart-wrenching and painful experience my husband and I have ever faced together. Every single day we think of our sweet Dakota and her amazing heart and spirit and I truly don’t believe it will ever stop hurting.

“I took this photograph of the two of them in her final days, since she was my husband’s first girl and was there for him through some very tough times before I even knew him. My husband Adam had written the most beautiful letter to Dakota that he read to her before we had to put her down, and I kept a copy so he can look back on it one day if he ever wants to remember the last words he spoke to her.”

‘Goodbye my little girl, my daughter, my muse, my inspiration, my saviour, my hero, my everything.’ R.I.P. our sweet baby girl, we miss you everyday.’

Dakota was a rescue dog that was adopted from the pound.

Sara told DogHeirs, “She was actually picked up at a local pound so we don’t know her history completely — however we do believe she was a husky/beagle mix. She would howl at times just like a beagle but had the exact coat/build of a husky.”

~ Submitted by DogHeirs member Sara Robertson

Dogs who are rescued never forget the humans who saved them. We are highlighting heartwarming stories of dogs saved from dire situations and then cherished as invaluable family members.

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