Train Conductor Halts Service to Rescue Dog From Tracks

He announced, “I apologize for the delay, but I couldn’t just run over the dog.”

When authorities find a stray dog on the railway tracks, the train has to halt and passengers have to wait for the dog to be moved, a procedure that can result in significant delays.

Another, often heartbreaking, scenario involves the train continuing its journey, with passengers merely feeling a jolt. However, for a train conductor in Santiago, Chile, the second option—hitting the dog on the tracks—was unthinkable. The conductor could have called for assistance to rescue and remove the dog, but instead, he chose to stop the train, descend onto the tracks, and personally see to the dog’s safety. His approach to the frightened dog was caught on camera.

The man beckons the dog, and when it doesn’t respond, he cautiously moves closer, mindful of the possibility of a bite. Fortunately, the dog seems grateful for the rescue, allowing the train conductor to lift it by the scruff of its neck. The dog was taken in by another railway worker, essentially saving its life.

Following the delay, the driver returned to the train and made an apology, stating, “I couldn’t just run over the dog.” His actions were met with a round of applause from all the passengers on board. Truly, a hero in their midst!

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