What These Trained These German Shepherds Do In Unison Is Pretty Amazing

One of the most adorable things that dogs can do is the tilting of their heads! Yup, no human can resist the cuteness of a dog when he tilts his head. I even read it somewhere that a dog’s head tilt is like Kryptonite to humans! It’s just too cute! It’s like they’re showing us that they’re listening, and that they’re wondering what we’re doing.

No words could describe it; it’s just simply adorable! So if you love doggy head tilts then the video below will definitely make you squeal and say ‘Awwww’!

Meet Axel and Presley, two charming German Shepherds with mad head tilting skills! In the video, their mom is talking to them and each time she speaks or throws them a question, they tilt their heads! They are just the cutest! Watch the video below and prepare to smile!

Awwww…wasn’t that just adorable? I love how they’re paying attention, and the head tilting is just too cute! If only I could like reach into the computer screen and give them both a hug!

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