Truck Driver Speeds Past Puppy Quivering In Ditch And Calls Her Future Mom

A watchful truck driver became a hero when he noticed a small, shivering dog left in a ditch by the road in St. Louis, Missouri. The driver’s diligence and dedication to making a difference were crucial in saving the dog’s life. Unable to stop for the pup himself, the driver promptly contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis to report the puppy in urgent need of assistance. This act underscores the profound impact we can have in our everyday lives by extending help to those who cannot advocate for themselves. Responding swiftly to the call, Stray Rescue of St. Louis found the brown and white puppy trembling in the ditch and chose to name her Odella, after Odell, the truck driver whose call led to her rescue.

Upon meeting Donna Lochmann, Chief Life Saving Officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Odella couldn’t contain her joy, wagging her tail enthusiastically. Despite her fear and hunger, she was exceptionally friendly. Initially, the extent of her injuries was unclear, but medical examinations revealed a dislocated hip and a broken foot, injuries resulting from being struck by a vehicle.

At six months old, Odella faced a daunting recovery, but the intervention by Odell ensured she received the care she desperately needed. To preserve Odella’s leg, doctors realigned her dislocated hip and secured it with a splint. Her recovery, complicated by an additional femur fracture, took longer than anticipated.

Nevertheless, after several months, she fully recovered, regaining the ability to run on all fours. Throughout her recovery, Odella was cared for by her foster mom, Donna Lochmann, who ultimately couldn’t part with her.

Donna humorously noted in a Facebook comment, “She just never left. She came in, unpacked her bags, and that was pretty much it!” Odella now thrives in a loving home with Donna and her other rescued pets, delighting in her toys and peanut butter treats. Her new lease on life was made possible by Odell’s compassionate act.

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