TV Star Helps Senior Stray Fight Cancer

Pablito, a 13-year-old stray from Mexico City lived his entire life on the streets. Until recently he did not know what a warm home, love or proper nutrition was, but after getting rescued and catching the attention of actor/director Raúl Julia Levy, the dog is not only getting tons of love and food, but he is also getting all his medical cost paid in full.


When the senior dog was found on the streets of the Mexico city, he was paralyzed. Rescuers carried him to their veterinarian and learned the dog not only had suffered various fractures in the past, but he was also fighting testicular cancer.

The rescue organization shared Pablito’s story on Facebook and when Raúl Julia Levy learned the dog’s story, he immediately offered to fly the dog to California and pay for the cost of all cancer treatments.

Pablito, arrived on Jan. 7, 2016, and is being treated at UC Davis Medical Research Institute. The dog requires chemotherapy session and dialysis. The treatments have an approximate cost of $30,000. Everyone hopes the therapy prolongs his life and Pablito gets to live his remaining days surrounded by love.

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