Two Bonded Dogs Are Separated…Watch What Happens When They Are Finally Brought Together Again!

Now, this is truly a dog’s love story. It’s one of those stories that stick with you for a long, long time. Abby Riley and her best buddy, Otto, went through some tough days together as strays. Together, they were homeless and hungry. This kind of bond is one that doesn’t just dissolve. Unfortunately, the shelter that took them in separated them. WHAT?! Yea, that happened because they didn’t really know how bonded these two were. Plus, there aren’t many adopters out there that are willing to take a bonded pair. Abby would literally scale the walls to get to Otto and the staff would see her sitting outside his kennel, waiting to be reunited with him.

The dogs were adopted out. Again, they were separated. Finding a home for a pair is a lot harder than finding a home for a single dog. But then fate stepped in and what happens next is nothing short of a miracle! WATCH THIS! And please remember, if you are willing to adopt a bonded pair, please PLEASE let your local shelter know. If more adopters become open to this, then more bonded pairs can remain together in shelters. Okay, now seriously, who is cutting onions in here?

[youtube id=”hD9Xhw99FYY”]

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