Two Boys Rescue A Dog All Covered In Tar, And Now He Looks As Good As New

Two boys were walking down the street in Lanus, Argentina, when they saw a dog covered with tar

It is unsure whether the doggie fell into the tar himself, or whether someone threw him in there and left to die

The canine who could barely move was taken to Zoonosis Lanus shelter

The volunteers started a 5-hour-long cleaning process to remove all the tar

“We bought a lot of things, we watched tutorials on the Internet, and we were… checking all the products”

“Firstly, it was impossible to clean it, and then we started using oil…”

“And step by step it worked, but we used 5 liters of oil”

The doggie was given the name Petro, which means petroleum in Spanish

At first the vets were worried about intoxication, as there was tar in the dog’s ears, nostrils and intestines

But Petro is going stronger every day and will soon be looking for a loving forever home

The doggie is the symbol of what can be achieved when animal lovers come together

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