Two brothers made full use of their boat during flash floods and saved a lot of animals

We all love rain but too much of it can also become a danger, a Danger not just for humans but also for animals. Over 23 inches of rain in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi has caused a lot of flash flood.

Both animals and humans were displaced due to bad weather. Frankie Williams a 26 year old Plumber and his brother, who also do landscaping, helped a lot of animals in need during these hard times. They drove to the woods for their business where they saw several animals in need of help such as mice, rabbits, ground shrews and Armadillos who could not climb trees to save themselves so the only way they could survive was by holding onto whatever patch of land they can find.

These two brothers had a small boat available to them to check out the woods which they used to help these poor creatures instead of conducting their business which is not meager sacrifice in times like these. Williams have a good heart and being this close to outdoors they were bound to have some love for animals as well but acting out to save these animal in such condition is not just an act of passion but a Nobel one as well.

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