Two Coyotes Grab Mom’s Cat, Then Her Soldier Son’s Pit Bull Races Outside To Save Her

When brought into a new home, it’s expected for pets to go through an adjustment period, especially while away from their owners. It may be a while before they warm up to their caretakers or other animals who share the home.

Sheree Lewis took in her soldier son’s pit bull, Jack, before he left for Afghanistan. She also has a cat named Kitty, who lives with her.

The two animals got along, but she had no idea how protective Jack is of Kitty until tragedy befell the feline in her own backyard.

The cat was unexpectedly grabbed by two coyotes. Lewis watched in horror as one took Kitty by the neck and the other had her by the tail or a back leg.

They shook her violently, and the mother was sure that this spelled doom for her beloved pet.

But Jack, like his owner, didn’t pass up an opportunity to become a hero. He rushed outside and chased after the coyotes until they dropped his feline friend. Kitty was immediately rushed to the vet, but thanks to Jack, she now has another chance at life! Though she was treated for several injuries, she probably wouldn’t have survived without the pup’s intervention.

Jack even regularly checks on Kitty to make sure she’s doing OK.

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