Two Dogs And A Cat Left Home Alone Show All Other Pets How It’s Done

As much as we don’t like to have to do it, there are times when we have to leave our pets home alone. We do our best to let our dogs know it’ll be okay and that we’ll be right back by training them with the proper techniques and actions. And it’s very apparent that the pets in the video below have been trained to know exactly what’s going on as they sit as calm as can be waiting for Mom and Dad to return! 🙂

Pepper the Dachshund and Margo the mixed rescue are left home alone with the cat, and they have to be the most well-behaved pets on the planet! Shown in the footage below are the most active two minutes of their time alone, and they barely even move at all (except for the cat, the cat is basically a statue :P)! I love how they cuddle and patiently await their owners’ return. 🙂

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