Two dogs at a shelter were going to be euthanized but watch what happens next…

Kala and Keira are two dogs that live at an Atlanta created shelter and shockingly, they were going to be euthanized by the management. There was no need to euthanize the dogs as they were perfectly healthy and happy. The heartbreaking reality is that they couldn’t find a family who would give them a home. They were scheduled to be euthanized at a specific time and as the clock was ticking, everyone got nervous and worried for the dog.

When some time passed, the workers at the shelter came up with a desperate plea. They took pictures of the dog clinging to each other and posted them to Facebook. The caption read, “We are Kala and Keira, “We are Kala and Keira, we are so scared here in the Shelter where we are going to be euthanized, if no one saves us, someone will take Keira away from me and I’ll watch her cry.”

This worked like a charm and in less than 2 hours, the pair was adopted.


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