Two Dogs Spread Happiness on Reddit by Engaging in a Fun Game of Hide-and-Seek

The house becomes happier and livelier when you have one or more dogs. Things might become rowdier, but everyone gets a good laugh from the chaos caused by puppy playtime. The little pups will be the house’s source of joy — something to look forward to after having a long day at work or school. You’ll always find yourself taking a video of your dogs’ playtime. Soon enough, you’ll notice that your phone memory is full of fur baby contents.

Many pet parents compile photos and videos of their fur babies on social media pages. One of the most used platforms to share the happiness brought by dogs is Reddit. You’ll find hilarious pet content on the platform, including a video of two dogs playing hide ‘n’ seek. The first few seconds were thrilling yet funny, which was the dog waiting to surprise his sibling. You’ll notice that the other dog was oblivious to its sibling’s whereabouts.

It was an engaging game of hide-and-seek, but it was confusing who the actual seeker was. Both of them are waiting to see who catches the other one first. In the end, the dog hiding behind the wall jumped as soon as its sibling approached its spot. The chase immediately commenced — a sign that both of them were still ready to have fun.

Thund3rbolt garnered 68.8k upvotes and over 400 comments for uploading the clip. It was short but provided enough happy hormones to make someone smile. The discussion in the comment section was also engaging. Most of the Redditors expressed how the clip made their day. “That was fun. Thanks for giving me a reason to laugh today,” lost_n_delirious commented. To which shahn078 replied, “Fun and full of suspense. I was on the edge of my toilet!”

It’s interesting how a short clip was able to make people feel a lot of different emotions. Perhaps it’s the effect of dogs on humans which definitely makes stress go away. Make your loved ones watch the video to also put a smile on their face. Someone in your circle might need a good laugh and turn their day the other way around.

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