Two Dogs Were Surrendered Because Baby Had Allergies. Now They Can’t Stop Cuddling

Little CC and Chewbacca are best friends. Little CC’s favorite place to lay is right on top of her big furry friend. Jessica Jorgensen, the spokesperson from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, said that every time they walk past the kennels, CC is either draped all over Chewbacca or sitting on him. And Chewy doesn’t seem to mind it at all.


Chewy and CC had lived together for years. They were taken care of and loved – until a human baby with allergies entered the family.


So, the two dogs now live at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and so far have been able to stay together. You can see that CC seems to think that Chewy is just a big pillow!


The two like to walk next to each other too. Even when the two are riding in the car together, they lean on each other.


Some volunteers took CC and Chewy out of the shelter for a day trip and said the bond between the two is undeniable.


What would be ideal is if they could get adopted together. According to the staff, both dogs are well-behaved and gentle. They even get along with other dogs and cats.


If you live out of state, you could adopt them, but you would have to come to the shelter for a visit.


The dogs had been living at the shelter in Iowa, a quick internet search, and their listing is no longer available! Hope that means they found a forever home!


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