Two Homeless, Sick Dogs Meet At Hospital And Comfort One Another

Two homeless dogs who were critically ill over the holidays found comfort and joy with each other when they met in a vet hospital.

“Baby Mariah was lifeless and hypothermic, found abandoned on Christmas Eve,” wrote Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs, of the small, 6-week-old puppy rescued from a parking lot. She was found covered in her own excrement and freezing to death.

“Olaf was badly bitten by a snake and had a horrible infection.” His family could not afford to give him medical care and surrendered him to a shelter. By then, his leg was in very bad shape and needed surgery.

Both were in intensive care when they met.

The large one-year-old Mastiff hobbled over to Mariah and gave her a sniff. From that moment on, the two were friends.

They are keeping each other company…

And helping each other heal.

And when they are healthy and ready, they will be placed up for adoption through Second Chance Rescue. To find out more about Olaf and Mariah and the other dogs available through Second Chance Rescue, visit their website.

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