A Two-Legged Chihuahua Makes An Unlikely New Best Friend

Unlikely duos have been showing up a lot lately. Maybe that’s because animals understand that love comes in all different packages.

Not everyone they care for has to look just like them. Take dogs for instance. They love us, right? And we look nothing like them! Dogs are such loyal, sweet creatures and it’s kinda hard to imagine life without them.

This dynamic duo is absolutely adorable! Roo is a two-legged Chihuahua and his best friend isn’t his human, although he does adore her. His best friend is a Silkie Chicken that was rescued from a testing facility.

They do everything together: play, sleep, eat, and even cuddle. How cute is that?! And of course, they do love their human too.

Doesn’t this story make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside? There are so many animals out there that need loving homes. Purchasing a pet from a breeder or a pet shop makes NO SENSE! Adopt, don’t shop! And spread the word!


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