This Two-Legged Dachshund Running With Her Friends Teaches Us To Never Give Up

Dogs have incredible fighting spirit. Even if they lack a limb or two, as long as someone is kind enough to help them and give them some love, they will get the strength to overcome their disability. And here we have one of those brave and happy dogs, a dog who won’t let any disability stop her!

Meet Bubbles, a Dachshund who was born without two front legs. At 8 weeks old, Bubbles showed her fighting spirit when she started hopping around like a Kangaroo. Bubbles is very lucky to have a loving family who has helped her with her disability. When she was big enough, her family got her some wheels to help her get around! Watch the video below and see her run with her dog buddies at the beach!

She looks so happy, doesn’t she? And boy, does she love to run! Bubbles has overcome her disability and she has become a very happy and playful dog!

You can get to know more about Bubbles at her very own Facebook page! Her family has made a Facebook page for her, and also use it to spread awareness and show everyone that animals with handicaps can lead a full and happy life!

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