Two-Legged Weiner Dog Is Now Rolling In Style, Thanks To 3D-Printed Wheels

Bubbles the dachshund was born last July without her two front legs, but that doesn’t stop her from running with the big dogs.

Her owners, Trevor Byers and Elissa Smoak, weren’t quite sure what to do with her at first. They did some research online and tried building a few different wheelchair models. Months later, they purchased a 3D printer and tested out making their own designs. Now they have one Byers calls “perfect.”


“She gets around in her cart better than any other small dog I have seen missing their front legs,” Byers wrote an Instructables page detailing 3D-printed cart plans for other dogs in need. He said the plans are ideal for any dog with mobility issues about Bubbles’ size, but also offered to help design or even 3D print a cart for other pet owners who might need help.

“My wife and I want to share what we have learned in hope that a dog won’t be thrown to the curb due to this simple disability,” he wrote.

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