Two Men Stole This Puppy From A Little Boy. The Community Was Outraged. Then This Happened.

I think, the most terrifying thing that can happen to a little boy is for his dog to be stolen right in front of him. This is what happened to Khalik, a 10 year old boy whose pit bull pup was taken from him while he was walking the puppy by two men who sped off in a car after they chatted with him, then grabbed Boomer.

The dog had been missing for nearly a month until one morning, while Khalik’s mom was taking out the trash, she heard barking behind her and when she turned around, Boomer was there; his leash tied to a telephone pole, in their yard. Needless to say, the reunion between a boy and his dog must have been awesome!

Though Boomer appeared physically normal and in good health, the family insisted on taking him to see the vet. I would too just in case he was used as a bait dog or one for breeding. Whatever the case, it’s just a miracle that he was brought back and truly, Khalik’s 12 year old sister is right; prayers do come true! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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