Two Neighborhood Dogs Befriend The Garbage Man

When most of us go on TikTok, we find ourselves endlessly scrolling through the videos. Perhaps we get to see some practical jokes, a few tips for the kitchen and maybe some people dancing.

Every once in a while, we find something that really makes us stop and take notice, and that is what happened when two dogs and their mission were posted on that social platform.

It seems as if Vizsla Ralph posted a video about her two dogs on the app recently and thousands of people have loved it.

She regularly shares videos of her dogs, but these videos show the dogs getting close to the windowsill when a man in an orange uniform shows up.

The garbage man will stop every time to play with the dogs through the glass, but then one time, he seemed to ignore the dogs altogether.

According to the caption: “The boys honestly thought the binmen had forgotten about them today. Look how Bruno’s tail stops wagging when he realizes.”

Although the dogs seem to feel rejected at the time, they didn’t leave their post. The disappointment was easy to see because their tails are no longer wagging and they were just waiting for the garbage men to come to the window.

It was a moment of eternity for the dogs, but when the garbage men finally came over and gave the dog some treats through the opening, they were loving life again.

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