Two senior dogs abandoned in Petco bathroom

Two senior dogs were abandoned in a Petco bathroom in Allen Park, Michigan on Saturday evening. An employee of the store heard crying from the restrooms and when he investigated found the two friendly pups – neither dog wore a collar.

Animal advocate Julie Sly, who had been contacted to help with the two dogs posted the heartbreaking story on her Facebook page.

“These two poor senior dogs were abandoned in the restroom at Petco in Allen Park this evening. It was a couple that brought them in they had no collars on just the leashes on them as you see in the picture. Rachel approached them about the dogs not having collars on and the couple said they forgot them at home they just needed to pick up a few things and proceeded to the back of the store where the dog food is and also the bathrooms. An employee heard crying shortly later and when they went looking for where it was coming from they discovered the two dogs locked in the bathroom. This just makes me sick that someone could be so heartless to two sweet dogs, If anyone recognizes the dogs please contact Rachel the mgr at Petco…”

The dogs have since been dubbed Marigold and Daffodil. They are now in the care of P.O.E.T Animal Rescue and have been placed in a foster home.

The dogs seem bonded – especially the younger one to the older dog. Both will be evaluated and examined by a veterinarian this week and will be eligible for adoption.

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