Two Women Find An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Pole — And A Heartbreaking Note Lying Beside Him

Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment. You bring the animal into your home and are supposed to be responsible enough to care for them. Sadly, many people are not prepared to make that commitment.

They think getting and owning a dog is something that can be undone – that they can just dump the animal out in the world and it will all be okay. It is not okay. Blanca Cushman and her cousin live in South Carolina.

They were out running errands when they saw a small dog tied to a tree. There was no owner around. The two women didn’t want to leave the poor creature alone and tied to a tree.

When they approached, they saw the handwritten note.

The dog, Scooter, was being given away because his previous owner, Eric Dugwyler, had been arrested for narcotics possession. Eric didn’t want the police to take custody of his dog, so he gave Scooter to two of his friends.

As soon as Eric was taken away, the two friends abandoned the dog (some friends they turned out to be). At least Eric had tried to do the right thing for his dog. Unfortunately his friends were uncaring and just dumped to Scooter. Blanca posted Scooter’s story on Facebook asking for help.

Paula Langford, the operator of South Eastern Homeless Shelter, replied.

Scooter is in Paula’s capable hands, and she hopes to be able to give him a loving forever home really soon.

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