Two Women Spot Feral Dog Under A Trailer, Then Realize She’s Pregnant With 5 Puppies

Billie Jean was living under a metal trailer on the side of the road.

While passing by, Angela Perdikis and Shawna Cooper spotted the scruff-covered feral dog and rushed over to help her. The two women attempted to catch Billie Jean with snares, but they were unsuccessful.

Eventually, after a taxing period of trying to get the young dog to come along with them, Angela and Shawna were able to scoop up Billie Jean. Unaware of her destination, Billie Jean sat in a cage placed in the back of her rescuers’ pickup truck.

When she was brought to the home of one of her rescuers, Billie Jean didn’t know how to react. She was not cooperating with typical tasks, like coming out of the cage and drinking her water. Worst of all, she had a hard time accepting tokens of affection.

Caring deeply for Billie Jean’s well-being, her rescuers knew the dog needed some sort of rehabilitation. They took her to the vet, who told them she couldn’t start her training just yet.

Everyone was in for a shock.

Results came in, reporting that Billie Jean was pregnant with a litter of puppies!

This meant that Angela and Shawna not only saved a feral dog from a tough situation, but they gave her unborn puppies a chance to live.

After an emergency C-section, Billie Jean’s litter was delivered. Her puppies, Apple, Cherry, Cashew, Peaches, and Pistachio, were all sent to bottle-feeding fosters so their mother could start her much-needed rehabilitation.

Within seven days, Billie Jean’s temperament improved tenfold. She went from not accepting human interaction to cuddling, all within a week.

Billie Jean’s detachment and sadness switched to esteem and gratefulness, all thanks to her rescuers’ quick decision on the road.

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