U.S. Soldiers To Adopt Rescued Dogs From the Middle East

One dog is a stray that knew little love until he bonded with an American soldier serving in the Middle East. The other is an American hero himself, a newly retired bomb detection dog. Both have forever families waiting for them in the States, and Guardians of Rescue — a New York-based organization whose mission is to protect the well being of all animals, is asking for the public’s help.


Most everyone is aware that the United States has myriad servicemen and women serving in the Middle East, but fewer are aware of the dogs that often serve alongside. And while some are deployed along with our soldiers, others meet up with them along the way, injecting brightness and love and companionship into tours that can leave a person lonely, stressed, drained.

When two Army servicemen — Sgt. Christian Cox an Spec. Michael Fenton — reached out to Guardians of Rescue for help in bringing two such animals stateside to forever homes, the organization gladly stepped in.

“We realize how important these dogs are to the health and well being of the soldiers who have been caring for them and working alongside of them,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue. “We are excited that we will be keeping these two dogs with the men who mean so much to them and vice versa. It’s a small gesture that we do for our soldiers that has a big impact.”


Cox is awaiting the arrival of Ghost, a stray with whom he formed a special bond. Fenton will be adopting Amigo, a service dog now headed into retirement.

Plans are in place to bring the dogs to the States, where they will live with the soldiers’ families until they come home from their duties abroad. Guardians of Rescue will send one of their members, who is retired military, to escort the animals to America safely.

“We are very honored to be helping the military and these dogs,” adds Misseri. “But we need your support to accomplish our goal of raising $10,000 – which is the funds required to get the dogs out of the Middle East and into their forever homes in America.”

Interested in reading up, helping out, or getting to know what Guardians of Rescue is all about? Click here to donate and/or learn more.

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