Ukrainian Soldier Is Surprised To Find A Dog In An Abandoned Building

This week, after Russia agreed to reduce attacks in Kiev, Ukrainian soldiers found a dog left in one of the bombed apartments: the four-legged dog was in the rubble and appeared when one of the soldiers who searched the place rang. a toy music box.

Faced with that familiar sound, the animal approached and began to wag its tail, snatching that man in uniform a smile in the hell of war.

According to Reuters, the dog’s name is called Bavaria. One of the many victims of the flight of thousands of Ukrainians when the Russian invasion of the country began: unfortunately, in a rush to escape or in fear, some of the pets may have been left behind.

But there are many animal welfare non-profit organizations left in the country, even in the midst of the attacks, to save pets. Some of them are rescuing and caring for the animals until their owners can come back for them safely. And among these there is a woman to whom the soldiers have entrusted Bavaria: she will take care of this dog and in the meantime she will look for the owners of her in order to be able to return it to him.

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