The unlikeliest mother for rescued tiger cubs to give them a new start in life

There is no doubt that Tigers are one of the most exotic and gorgeous creature in the world. This works against them as they are hunted for their skin and whatnot. For similar reasons, these three tigers were found in India and it was really important to find someone to take care of them until they were able to do it themselves. Keeping them fed and happy all the time was a difficult job but Daisy, a mother of litter of pups, stood forward for this task.

She stood by the glass enclosure and it was just like she could almost sense that the tiger cubs were missing their mother. It was because she was a mother herself and the motherly instincts were kicking in. Surely, it would be a long road back to recovery for these little cubs but Daisy certainly did an incredible job stepping up and taking care of these cubs.



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